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This is a free service offered by the Chester Municipal Heritage Society as part of our outreach to the municipality's creative residents.

For the purposes of this project, an artist or artisan is considered to be a person who creates articles by hand and includes hand-knit, stained glass, wooden work, tole-painted, crocheted, quilted, hooked, sewn materials, iron work, sculpture, film, photography, etc. Professionals as well as amateurs are invited to participate.

Each listing will provide various types of information about individual(s) and their work. Have a look at the printable registration or on-line forms to see the type of information being collected. The on-line version is directly linked to the directory, so, when approved your listing is automatically "live". Once approved, you will be provided with a username and password to enable you to login and update your own listing.

The directory also has "featured artists and artisans" highlighted in a random rotation and shows display dates for the galleries at the Lordly Museum and the Chester Train Station.

Other Services:

  1. Exhibit space will be provided at the Lordly Estate Municipal Museum on a rotating basis throughout the open time (generally from the beginning of June to the middle of September). After September display space will be available at Maple Cottage, adjacent to Lordly House.
  2. Limited exhibit space can be provided, and booked on a rotating basis, at the Chester Artisans Gallery, at the Chester Train Station which also houses the Visitor Information Centre. There is a charge of 20% on the price of sold items for use of this space to help us to pay our bills.
  3. Lordly Estate Municipal Museum offers free training and support to help you add your listing if you’re not on-line but wish to learn how and to participate. It provides internet access at our Maple Cottage, 75 Regent Street, Chester, NS.
  4. The Chester Municipal Heritage Society reserves the right to refuse or remove any images and information from the site.

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