Rutherford, Edward MacDonald Feader

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Sex: Male
Birth Date/Place: 1937, Chester, N.S.
Death Date/Place: October 31, 2010, Chester, N.S.
  • Photography

Biographical Links:

Obituary, Chronicle Herald, November 6, 2010.

Cataloguer's Interview with Jim Barkhouse 2012)


Edward's pictures and slides chronicle a period of over 50 years.  His interests were varied and he seldom left home without a camera hung around his neck.  His love of nature shines through in pictures of flowers, leaves, gardens, rocks, sand, sunsets-- all caught in his lens-eye view of the world around him.  He chronicled happenings in the village, changes to buildings, parades, memorial occasions, fires, tennis matches and of course, sail boats in the harbour.  

Edward spent his working years at Redden's Hardward on Queen Street in Chester.  But he always had Wednesday afternoons off (in keeping with a traditional local practice so that people could watch and participate in the yacht races held every Wednesday afternoon).  Edward was an active member of the Friends of Nature Society, the South Shore Naturalists, the Chester Tennis Club and  the Oak Island Tourism Society. 

As a Life Member of the Chester Municipal Heritage Society, Edward is remembered for his tremendous contributions.  He recorded and copied hundreds of pictures, many of ealry Chester.  Without Edward's work, many photos would have been lost.