Hawboldt, Frank Harold

Sex: Male
Birth Date/Place: . c 1910
Death Date/Place: 2003 at age 92
  • Drawing
  • Woodworking

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Information garnered from family, friends and co-workers

Frank Hawboldt was born and lived in Chester his whole life. Living just down from the post office, he caved in his shop or in the house. He had a degree in mechanical engineering, working for his father, Forman, at Hawboldt Gas Engines which he eventually operated. He has been described as "nicest of men, quiet, clever and jack of all trades". Known as an avid golfer, he was a former president of Chester Golf Club. He enjoyed sailing, often alone. He was also a member of Chester Curling Club. Early on a Boy Scout master who inspired youth to finish school.

Locally sought for his pictures which were often of a Chester scene [current or past ; ] Lunenburg County ; local way of life ; inspirational message ; history ; or as requested. Locals would often bring a photo of their home, etc. to copy. Visitors from away would order pictures, sometimes larger than his usual to be shipped away. It is said that he carved more then 800. One of his first was a portrait of sister, Mable. He often gave his work away or sold for little. He eventually dated and titled his work, sometimes giving a history or story of his piece. Later in his career he developed a relationship with Sylvia Bonnezen, who gave them color. They sold in a Halifax gallery. It is said that the boredom of retirement brought out his creative ability. He added trees later in his carvings.


  • Designed machinery
  • Catalogue drawing of machinery
  • Construction wooden train set, boats
  • Built his first sailboat
  • Carved wooden pictures
  • Created patterns from photographs
  • Chiselled  in wood base, adding by screws or glue other pieces to give depth
  • Made own dyes with coffee
  • Glued on sawdust to make trees. And leaves