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Heather MacKenzie-Carey

Medium(s) used: Bach Flower essences and Perelandra essences; written word
Martin's River
B0J 2E0

Phone: (902) 530-290

Where People May Buy the Items: local bookstores Chapters Indigo online

Willing to provide training: Willing to provide training

Heather has a background in the medical sciences as a Health Educator, Paramedic, Pre-hospital Care Instructor and Risk Analysis/Disaster Management specialist. She has been widely published in the areas of pre-hospital care, interpersonal communication techniques for first responders, and emergency preparedness and response. She has two textbooks published by Prentice Hall/Pearson on terrorist emergencies. In 2006, Heather began exploring alternative medicine approaches to health. Her writing reflects that research and experimenting, with numerous articles focused on homeopathic medicine, Bach Flower essences, and other healing arts. In 2010, her first fiction book, Melvin’s Balloons, was published by Bryler publications. This children’s picture book explains how the moon has appreciated receiving all lost balloons. The story teaches children about the meaning of colors as they relate to the chakra system. The Sweet Shack and Bach Bar, upcoming in 2011, is Heather’s first realistic fiction novel combining comfort food and recipes, with woman’s journeys and emotional healing through the use of Bach Flower Remedies. Heather combines readings and book signings with workshops for both children and adult audiences.