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Annette Sawers

Medium(s) used: Acrylic, Oil, and Encaustic (Colored Beeswax)
P.O. Box 581
B0J 2C0

Phone: 902-634-3902

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Willing to provide training: Willing to provide training

Recommended supplier of materials: Michael's and Lunenburg Art Supplies

My name is Annette Sawers, and I am a full time artist and teacher. I was born in the UK, and moved to Canada in the 1980’s. In fact, I have lived longer in Canada than the UK, though my accent has remained, I am told very British. My main medium is acrylics and my subjects are what grab’s me at the time. My education I received from Nevada and it is in art, art history and English Literature. I returned to painting and drawing after a long break and now have the incredible fortune of having my own studio which is located on Heckman’s island, (you can drive onto the island) Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. The studio is where I work and teach students. Art enriches the soul and gives confidence and joy to all ages. There is no such thing as someone that cannot draw or paint, once the confidence is built there is another artist born.

My studio name is “Secret Red Door Studio”, and has over 1,000 sq.ft. Create and enjoy in. It is located on over 3 acres of ocean front property. In the summer students can enjoy plein aire painting, setting up their easels in several locations on the property in which to get inspiration. Lessons are given in acrylic, oil, pencil and encaustic. I teach both adult and children, mom/daughter, father/son, or family teaching. The emphasis is on enjoyment, fun and the creative process. Cost of teaching for 2 people, 2 hour lesson, all material included $50. Flexible on time and dates.

Lots of room inside the studio, as well as outside, “Secret Red Door Studio”, gives space to create and enjoy. Music plays in the background in the studio or in the summer, bird song can be enjoyed as nature’s orchestra plays on.
Sam is an Airedale, and he frequents both the house and the studio. He enjoys people coming to visit and often amuses everyone in the studio with his loud snoring. He enjoys being drawn and has been a frequent subject of mine.